A Blue Sunday

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. – Rainer Marie Rilke

It is 4:30PM on a random Sunday afternoon. Outside, the weather looks bright, sunny and cheerful with a gentle breeze rustling the branches of the tree outside my window.

Inside, the Sunday blues have officially set in…

I open the shades to let more of the light pour in. My sleepy cat stirs, stretches and recoils herself to face the sun, as if on cue. Off she dozes again. Ah, the life of a cat. How I envy her. I watch her for a minute wondering whether I should follow suit. My sagging frames had been fixed earlier by a charming elf and my already comfortable bed feels even more soft and inviting. NO says my inner voice. It’s a beautiful day and you shouldn’t waste it! At least go to yoga. Just get out of the apartment.

Aaahhh… Yoga, yes. A definite cure for the blahs, but can it help my blues?

I pick myself up off the bed, change into my workout gear and sulk my way towards the great outdoors. I step outside to what feels like a parallel universe compared to my dinky bedroom. The warm spring air greets me with a kiss as it brushes my cheeks. I look up at the Carolina blue sky with goosebumps, the sun blinding my eyes as I reach for my aviators. A thought enters in my head, making its way through my senses towards my mouth and my lips curl into a big smile. I may have wasted most of the day indoors, but whatever’s left of this day is still mine. ALL MINE! Yoga was my first stop and then… I didn’t have a plan just yet, but I knew something would materialize, something always does.

It’s 7:30PM when I finally get out of my gut busting yoga class. I’m parched, drenched and bushed. I barely make it through without passing out. Yet, my mind is clear, focused and ready for more. I keep making imaginary plans as I walk home on how to fill up the next few hours that’s left of this glorious Sunday. And then, as if to be saved by the bell, my phone rings… Do you want to go to a movie? Asks the voice on the other end. Hmmm… a plan is beginning to take shape. But, a movie indoors on such a beautiful day? Before I could answer, beep… another call. Would you like to grab a bite to eat? Asks another voice. That’s more like it. The universe is speaking and the movie will have to wait. Apparently I’m destined to enjoy this cool spring evening, dining outside with my friends under the canopy of the stars. A quick shower and change later I am comfortably seated outdoors, sipping on a frozen margarita, gobbling up the most delicious Mexican burrito you’ve ever tasted. The perfect jacket weather remains throughout the night as the last of the margarita is poured and the final chip is eaten. I linger a little longer, listening to the laughter and lilt of everyone present, reluctant to take my leave.

It is very late now as I make my way back home, a little tipsy. The weight of my yoga practice is finally catching up to me but I’m still grinning from ear to ear quite satisfied with the events of the night. My belly is full, my body is tired and my heart is content. I just needed was a little reminder of the world I carry within myself… I make a quick stop for some delicious cotton candy ice cream. (If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.) I look up into the unknown and can’t help but notice that the sky has turned into a gorgeous deep shade of midnight blue. But, my Sunday blues… well, they were nowhere to be found.