testing, testing 1, 2, 3…

Have you heard of the saying; life is a challenge- Face it? Challenge Accepted! Now what? Does this mean our life is one big ordeal and you have to, somehow, overcome it? I don’t think so. I believe that life is a game of never-ending tests. Some tests are mundane, some others are complicated, but each test is a custom creation, designed especially for you to overcome whatever your life’s needs are at that given moment. You are never given any more or any less than you can handle. The first test is to accept this reality and treat each day as a brand new level in the game of life. Have you passed it yet? Yes, it is a game and by definition it should be fun. If you are not having fun every day; if your life seems complicated, then I bet you are not playing the game properly. You are pressing all the wrong keys on the Xbox controller. You are holding onto all the wrong cards in Gin Rummy. Your poker face needs… well, a lot more poker in it, if you get my drift. Stop. Figure it out! Play the game.

Every morning I wake up and look into my palms. The idea being the whole world is in the palm of my hands. I hold the reigns. I stare at the lines and calluses remembering all that my hands have held. In that quiet moment, I’m reassured that everything I want is within my reach. It’s all here, the culmination of my wants, hopes and visions, staring back at me. I close my eyes, allowing my hands to cup my face, wiping away yesterday’s crustiness which feels like a familiar dream. My senses heighten. I know that somewhere nearby, the first test of the day is already setting up its sting. But, I’m ready. I’m all set to level up today!

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