Princy’s Way

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to write about her, but my cat, Princy- short for, you guessed it, Princess, is the most engaging being I’ve come across in my life. She communicates with me in her own way and never misses an opportunity to tell me how she feels. I’m not kidding you. Siamese cats are known for their communication skills and this one loves to talk. She’s yelled at me several times after I’ve come home late from a date or if I’ve forgotten to change the water in her cup. Her cries have melted my heart and warmed my soul all at once. But, this is not a post about Siamese cats. This is about Princy and how she is a cerifiable genius. No seriously, she understands complex human emotions better than some people I know. If you are a pet owner, then I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir. She is so aware of her surroundings and her command of the english language is quite advanced. Allow me to explain…

Princy loves getting treats… not any kind but a particular flavor of Friskies Party Mix Mixed Grill or Original. I’ve tried to bribe her with other varieties and she won’t have any of it. Her look of boredom mixed with gratitude for my trying, whenever I present hee with something she doesn’t want, is beyond priceless. “Really? No thank you!” is the polite sentiment felt and I can’t help but laugh at her cuteness. This morning, she upped the anti.

I came into the bedroom with my morning coffee to find her sitting at the edge of the bed in perfect cat posture, as if waiting for something. That particular spot on the bed is where I usually lay her treats, so I knew she was up to something. I pretended to ignore her and continued watching my show. Typically, this is when she comes over and curls up on me, but not today. She was on a mission. I called her to me and she looked up at me with a knowing look and get this… smacked her lips. I’ve come to understand this as her way of telling me she wants something food related- perhaps it is water, or wet food. Think about that for a minute. She’s made the connection between something she does and something I do and is trying to relate to me, or in this case alerting me to her needs. Genius!

I glanced at her food and water supply; both bowls were full. I knew, intrinsically, that she was asking for treats, but my curiousity got the better of me. I wanted to test her further. So, I said to her… there’s food in your bowl, what do you want? What happened next was quite amazing. She got up from her spot, walked over to her food bowl, stopped, looked at me and walked over it to get onto the desk on the opposite side of the room, where the bag of treats lay. She sat next to it, looked at me and smacked her lips again! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My cat had just demonstrated that, not only does she understand english, but she also knows how to ask for things in a way that I can understand. I felt like a proud mommy watching her baby achieve a milestone. How could I possibly not give her the treats she has so brilliantly asked for? She had earned them with her faculty! How many other things has she tried to communicate to me and I was either too distracted or too bored to pay attention to?

My only regret is that I’d wished I’d videotaped this whole thing. But, this is proof enough for me that my cat is trying to communicate to me. We share something special with our pets and it is our duty to pay attention to their needs. It’s not enough that we give them food and shelter, they need interaction and just like us, their voices need to be heard. I need to tune in more.

Princy, my dearest, I’m all ears now. Go ahead speak to me and I’m open to your wisdom. Maybe it begins with treats… but maybe, just maybe, the bigger lesson you are trying to teach me is to listen for the message in the silence, in the absense of language and at those times when there are no words left to be spoken.

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