Holy Thanks Giving!

I’m a self-proclaimed political junkie, an avid Meet the Press watcher on Sunday mornings and waking up this morning I’m deeply unnerved by the sequence of unfolding events around me.

1. Al Qaeda is back!

2. There is a furious debate going on about what really happened in Benghazi. All indications point to a cover-up, essentially of the term “terrorist attack”. Forget the angry mob in Libya! I fear an even angrier Republican mob approaching the white house. This does not look good for the administration.

3. The head of CIA can’t keep a secret. I don’t care about Gen. Petraeus’ personal transgressions, but it is quite troubling that our intelligence agencies are under global ridicule at such a critical time in history.

4. Israel is getting attacked by Hamas, who have been accumulating an arsenal of long range missiles from Iran over the last few months under the watchful eyes of the world. Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood is silently egging the attacks, while it’s government is in danger of getting it’s aid cut off from the US. This is a disaster!

5. No one is talking about Syria. Our foreign policy has almost entirely focused on how many troops we have around the world rather than the number of ideas we’ve helped propagate.

6. Mitt Romney won’t go away. He’s digging an even bigger hole for himself. C’mon Mitt, you’re a numbers guy, don’t you see what happened? Please stop before you ruin the conservative brand.

7. The fiscal cliff is fast approaching and without bipartisan support nothing will get done. I see a war brewing between the two parties and whatever optimism I had after the election is fast fleeing out the door. And, whatever political capital the president gained is being depleted by all of these distractions. Hard to believe it’s only been 2 weeks since the election. Wow, things are unraveling FAST!

8. On a personal note, sometime in the last 24 hours I’ve volunteered to make the turkey this year for thanksgiving! Holy S%$#! What was I thinking? Am I ready to cook a small bird for a group of newly formed friends? I wasn’t even drinking while making this commitment so I can’t back out and I’m a little scared. I need tips. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated.

A lot of things are going on in the world and it’s easy to lose hope and confidence in our government. It’s easy to throw your hands up in the air in defeat. It’s easy to turn a blind eye. It’s understandable if you feign indifference. But, I beg you, please take a minute to watch this video. No matter how screwed up our country is, so many of our young men and women are going into war to preserve its essence. There has got to be something we can all do.

As Cpl. Aaron Mankin eloquently says, the war does NOT end when we pull out of Afghanistan, it will just begin for those who come back home and need all of the services promised to them. I want to help, but I don’t know where to start. I want to meet this man and give him a big hug! I’m so grateful for people like Cpl. Mankin for his courage, for shining a light on the plight of returning war veterans. He represents all that is good about our country and there was absolutely no mention of him in the popular news cycle, except the Rachel Maddow show. Maybe, this is where I can start, by paying attention to what really matters and doing my part to reshift the focus on all that is good in our country… shine a great big spotlight on this thing called the American spirit!

One thought on “Holy Thanks Giving!

  1. yepiratesays

    Interesting post. And culturally very interesting. It is amazing how the situation in Israel/Palestine is framed in the American media. There is less on why and more on what also I feel. Anyway, surely Romney will fade into obscurity, or will he keep trying – in which case to me it shows his faith is driving him. Thanks – politics is always fascinating!

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