Hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving. My day was just perfect, start to finish. The turkey turned out fantastic (see pic). I received tons of compliments and stuffed my face until I could no longer move. Success!!!

The dinner was the perfectly seasoned in every sense of the word. I was surrounded by lovely people… such sweet, sensitive spirits that I felt like I was floating as I walked home under the crisp autumn air. Good conversation, good food and good entertainment- is there anything else better than that?! I’m still buzzing…

As I was waiting for the turkey to roast, I wrote a small poem reflecting on the spirit of Thanksgiving, which I shared during dinner. I was nervous, but I think I came out today as an aspiring amateur writer with my very first impromptu reading… Ask and you shall receive. Amen! I hope you like it!

11/22/12 Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks
it’s about being grateful

Just be strong, they said
you can do it
can I?
Just believe, they said
you’ve been saved
have I?
Just be happy, they said
you have your family.
did I?
Just be glad, they said
you’re alive
am I?
I didn’t know
I screamed at the heavens
I wondered if they heard me
did they even know me?
and then it hit me
I didn’t believe in Gods
I didn’t heed their sermons
my faith was stunned
I was lost
even to my face

Thanksgiving is not about giving thanks
it’s about being grateful

Giving thanks is not easy
you are ready to be grateful
for all the unanswered questions
for your smallest mistakes
for your deepest darkest defects
for your massive blunders
for your strongest adversaries
and your weakest friends
Beholden for your damaged heart
and for all the damaged people around you
for your transgressions
and your colossal failures
for your terrible sins
for the rage inside your broken heart
for your tears and your battles
to save your own humanity
for your courage to stand up
for yourself… and others
for your kindness and goodwill
for your spoils and your bounties
for your family in all their colors
for your friends with all their intentions
and for your blessings, even the worst ones
Give thanks for all of it
the sum of everything
the master and the servant
only then will you genuinely believe
the true meaning
of what it really means
to be grateful


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