News-ance or New-ance?

I’m an equal opportunity hater. I hate all political pundits equally and at the same time, I’m equally addicted to all of them. I don’t play favorites… I watch them all and I can’t believe the absurdity that has become the nightly network news. Everything is hyped to nth degree and the collective pitch of their fevered voices could be partially responsible for my insomnia. Can someone tell me what qualifies as news in this country? I have no clue anymore. Apparently, it’s anything anyone wants to rant about on TV. I just watched Bill O’Reilly argue with a guy over a Christmas tree. Can you please leave Santa out of it? He’s old, grey and jolly fellow who just wants to shower kids with gifts. Ummm, when I describe him like that he kind of sounds like that creep, Sandusky. Yikes, sorry Santa man. I know your intentions are pure… or are they? I digress.
Back to my rant… I mean point, WHAT IS UP WITH THE YELLING? Seriously, can’t we all just get along? Aren’t we missing the point when we start screaming about lost family values? What happened to kindness? Where is the respect? Where is the morality in sensationalizing sexual affairs? Is that what we mean by upholding family values? The democrats hate the republicans and the republicans hate the democrats. And, everyone hates Mitt Romney. Poor guy, he’s been banished from the kingdom all together. It is so bad for him that the only person who will even lunch with him is the guy who beat him in front of the entire world. Yes, the news is that President Obama and Mitt Romney have a play date… Oh, what I would give to be a fly on the wall during that lunch. What will they say to each other? Will Mitt finally cry? Sadly, we will never know.
I’m now watching Ms. Maddow screeching about something and at least it’s not about Christmas. But, she’s talking way too fast for the average person to follow. Slow down, girl. Catch your breath. I know you’re passionate, but you are making me really nervous. Is it me or does all of this feel fake? The acting, the bellowing and the conjured up emotions. I don’t know… just give me the facts and let me decide if it warrants vitriol. Anderson Cooper is somewhat tolerable, but I hate that he has to witness everything first hand. Did anyone notice him in the eye of the storm during Sandy? I thought he was going to get blown away. This man couldn’t wait to get to Gaza?! What is wrong with him? Again, I get the passion, but it is all way too much. Just relay the goddamn news… you don’t have to bring it live each and every time.

I want Peter Jennings back! He was the voice of calm and reason every night in our house when I was growing up. My mom made it quite clear that she was crushing on him big time and who could blame her? He was pretty hot and he spoke with that dreamy news accent that you couldn’t attribute to anything in particular. I really wish he didn’t have to die. RIP Peter. You are missed. The only person who does it for me these days is Charlie Rose. You can actually learn something new from his nightly rountable. But, what the heck is he doing on the early morning show? It is painful to watch a revered anchor cover the fluff only suitable for half awake dimwits. Please Charlie, STOP before you lose all your grace.
There is an element of class lacking in today’s news and I don’t see it improving unless we, the public, demand better quality and content. No more loosely disguised opinion passed for news. Please, I don’t care what you think. Just tell me what happened; give me the facts and keep your feelings and fanfare out of it!

I wrote this pitiful poem as I was watching the news and I think it’s befitting of this lackluster post. Please don’t judge me too harshly.

In an empty court in an empty kingdom
I fascinated a nameless king
with a vacant look in his distant eyes
he encapsulated my lullaby
I trapped his sight within my eyes
blinding him to the scene
but he broke my stare with a chilling prayer
arresting my sensibilities

I think I had vampires on my mind. So much for a good night’s sleep…

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