How Pinterest can change your life… Seriously!

creative livesAre you in rut? Do you need a makeover? Or maybe just some makeup tips? A new hairstyle? Hair color? Cat eyes? New eye shadow? Or maybe you want a new outfit for that hot date? Or a new body to fit into that outfit? Or a new diet to help you get that body to fit into that fabulous outfit for that sexy date? A low fat cocktail the next time you throw a house party? A new art project for your wall? A new WHATEVER… Anything you can think of, ANYTHING AT ALL- you’ll find it on Pinterest. It is just the most amazing collection of awe-inspiring photos, ideas, creations on the intertubes.

I can spend hours on pinterest learning, pinning new things. Okay, maybe it’s not learning like you learn in a class, but in the past month I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas from this site. I’ve been inspired to try new recipes, learned new make-up tips, whitened my teeth with bakingsoda, scrubbed my face with coffee grinds, and washed my dish towels with lemons. In fact, I’m sitting here right now with a sockbun that I learned how to do on Pinterest. What is a sockbun you ask? Well, it is a lucious bun you make with a sock. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that goes on your head. A hair bun using a sock which is so simple and looks so elegant- think classic Audrey Hepburn meets modern chic, yet anybody with thumbs can do it!window stencil

Sure, there are many other things I could be doing… I could be reading a book, studying for something, cleaning, volunteering, sleeping… the list is endless. But, I admit this is my guilty pleasure, my retail, wholesale, no-sale therapy. My little playground where I can let my mind wander, my imagination soar and my creativity expand. I’m inspired by everything I see on Pinterest. DIY crafting, wine cork ornaments, hanging shelves Sockbunwith rope, window stenciling, cookies and cream popcorn… Oh man, where else can you find all this in one place?

Each week I’m going to highlight something that inspires me on Pinterest. Something new that I’ve learned, and since I can’t stop obsessing about this sockbun, let’s start with that! Voila! Here’s another tip, if you wet your hair before you roll the bun, you’ll have gorgeous, no-heat, instant curls when you take it off a few hours later. A chic bun for the day and romantic curls for the night! And, oh so effortlessly on trend!

I realize that Pinterest cannot change a life… Change is a personal thing and it has to come from within. But, we are all capable of extrordinary things- things we’ve never even imagined and it starts with how we see the world around us. I see it a place full of opportunity with lessons waiting to unfold. The teachers are everywhere, making lives beautiful and sharing their magic freely. Inspiring, educating, evolving. All you need is a little spark to ignite the potential hidden beneath your bones.

What will you learn on Pinterest?

4 thoughts on “How Pinterest can change your life… Seriously!

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