Unlikely Lovers

I was reminiscing with a friend about rain. The simple act of getting caught in a downpour can be exhilarating! My memories of the monsoon season in south India are quite vivid. Right until the downpour, there would be periods of extremely dry temperatures. The tar roads would literally boil under the midday sun. The thunderstorms would arrive, like God sent, and everyone would rush to the streets in relief. There was a field near my house where I would run wild with my friends. When it rained particularly hard, as it quite frequently did, we would climb up the nearest tree for shelter. No one warned us about getting struck by lightening… seriously, no one worried about these things. We were left alone to be kids, to play in the rain, bare foot, dirty clothes, with our hair knotted and smiles to rival a million light bulbs. We were perfectly content making mud pies and mud puddles. Those were some of the best memories of my life.

Here is a poem I imagined between the pavement and the rain clouds… Hope you enjoy it!


He sizzled under the scorching sun
Hot like a skillet
Tiny cracks cascading on his layer
Leathery to the touch
Drench me you little minx
Pour yourself on me
The day has been long
The efforts still linger
Smother me with your deluge
And relieve me of this thirst
She clapped her hands knowingly
Snapping to the beat
Let him wait, she rumbled
Let him beg
I’ll make him want me more
A puff of smoke rose between his temples
And quickly dissolved inside the mirage
Do you hear me?
Why won’t you come to me?
Can you feel my burn?
Splash me with your allure
Immerse me in your essence
Save me from extinction
Her heart began to melt
Her mouth curled into a seductive smile
Her eyes sparkled with desire
Moaning restlessly, electrified by his words
She finally broke into a rolling laughter
Shooting fireworks into the sky
Opening herself up slowly
She soaked every inch of him
In her monsoon

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