There is no right or wrong, only love
An angel said to me
Out beyond the gate where strangers meet
I heard a voice call my name
Come with me, don’t follow me
Step into the firestorm
Claim the path that is following you
Let the warrior win
You are love, you are right
You are the essence of life

There is no black or white, only light
An angel said to me
Deep inside the chasm where shadows live
I heard a voice chant my name
Don’t give up, don’t be afraid
Dive into the mysterious
Grab your life by the raging horns
Unleash the beast within
You are pure, you are white
You are the incarnation of light

There is no good or bad, only you
My angel said to me
Out in the universe where particles collide
I heard a voice hum my name
Take my hand, never let it go
Melt into the reverie
Close your eyes and open your heart
Set your soul alight
You are true, you are good
You are the embodiment of love

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