Perched at the edge of her seat
with a brush in hand
and blue paint by her knee
she steadied her shaking hand
by filling in the middle
drawing a pattern on her chair
In the shape of a rough diamond.
With each stroke, she traced the lines
following the pattern already made
by skilled artisans long before her time
manipulating them to her whim
making them slightly bigger than before
until an image emerged
resembling that of concentric circles
diamonds or maybe just squares
depending on your eye.
rough blue diamond
Three, she painted in this way
one for the past, the present
and one for the future
for life begins as such
concentrated masses of pure matter
condensed into a tiny shape
until it grows each year
bigger and grander than before.
A pattern revealing itself
with each passing milestone
reflecting the beauty from within
like a polished diamond
exposing the untapped promise
from each unrealized moment
until finally, the transformation
from nothing to something unique
something no one has ever had
is complete.

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