Patience, dear patient.

Is your life running in a constant loop like a broken record? Are you tired of waiting for ________? Do you feel like you are running towards life rather than the other way around? Do you remember the scene with Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride on the FedEx truck with her best friend saying, who is running after you? That’s what I’m picturing as I write this. Do you wish you had more control of ________? If so, please read this. I have something very important to tell you.
Whatever you are thinking about doing right now is precisely the wrong move for your life. Whether it is career related or matters of the heart, the decisions we make when we feel weary and frustrated will end up costing us more in the long run. Wait for things to happen. I’m not advocating passivity here, because I truly believe that actions lead to results. But, how you channel the act can mean a world of difference. Are you in a dead-end job with a lousy manager? Take a class. Use your free time to build your resume, network. Look for another job instead of sitting around complaining or worse quitting before finding a new one. Same with relationships. Don’t become a slave to your impulses. Say no every now and then. Make time for your friends and live your life. There is big difference between being a bitch and being assertive. And, an even bigger one between chasing and being chased.
Folks, the best things in life are worth waiting for. I’ve always thought of timing as being at the right place at the right time… but today, I’m seeing things through a new prism. Timing is about being home at the right time. You need to be comfortable and content when life comes a knocking. You need to be there to open the door and welcome it in, maybe offer a cup of tea and take the load off its long journey. Life has been chasing you all this time and it’s been knocking on all your doors. Be there. Wait for it!



Wait, it is making its way towards you
It is fast approaching, I swear
And will be here before you blink
Without any trickery or magic carpet rides
Barefoot on rugged terrain or in harsh winter
Even under the blazing hot sun
It is tireless and almost near

Wait, I can feel it quickening its pace
It is searching for something in the dark
And even during the day
Perhaps it is just an illusion or a myth
The spirit of a fierce warrior or a banished prince
Maybe it is your fairy Godmother
It is diligent and quite unwavering

Wait, don’t surrender just yet
The war is still raging even if your heart is clear
Running, no, it is now sprinting to the finish
In a perpetual loop of highs and mediums
Forgiving the foes and forgetting the pain
Forsaking all others but you
It is rousing and totally awe inspiring

Wait, don’t lose your breath so quickly
Keep your eye focused on the present
Tilt the spout of your intellect ever so gently
To saturate the ground beneath you
Watch it grow, sprouting anew with each moon
Embrace the comforts of its solitude
It is your eternal family and one true lover

Wait, just a little bit longer
The gears have been set in motion
And the tables have slowly turned in your favor
The transformation from stone to sculpture
Is unstoppable, even by your hand
All you have to do is wait for it to come
It is destiny and undeniably what is meant to be

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