Mating Game

One, two, three, four
Intent on my intentions
You watch me make my move
In sets of three and sometimes two
I keep up the pace
As you sport with every move

Five, six, seven, eight
Intent on your intentions
I follow you into the evening parade
In steps of right and also left
The reps keep getting harder
And, somehow everything’s easier too

You, flushed with the color of wine
Veins popping angrily
Charging head first into the test
As the drum beats behind
And I, intent on my intentions
Gut wrenching in a struggle
Writhing with agony
Releasing the last restraint

Intent on your intentions
You, gently steady my shaking hand
And I, soothe your biting urge
With a thrust
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Bodies twisted in delicious pain
We can stop here
Or we can do it again.

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