I felt your big toe reassure my pinky
Tenderly, under the light summer quilt
A slight grazing of dead cells, skin on skin
Almost imagined, only it was all too real
Much too comforting, even with closed eyes
The early morning light filtered in softly
Awakening me to the realization
Of this momentous occasion
Together you and I, under one blanket
Drifting through dreamless nights
Secretly yearning for sweet nothings
I felt your cold right hand squeeze my left
Ever so lightly during our last car ride home
A furtive nudge signaling the endorsement
Of a million unfulfilled contracts
I didn’t press back for more, I already knew
That all good things will find a way to end
You and I, no matter how much we tried
No matter how hard we loved
Could never decipher the tertiary code
That neither of us had programmed
We will always be waiting for the other
To consume the oxygen left in the room

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