The vacuum in my chest
Pinched between the walls
Of my sternum
Punched out from my lungs
Gasping for breath
At the glimpse of your fur
My pupils subdued
From the chemical response
Slightly dilated
Fluttering restlessly
Distorting the vision
Of your striking silhouette
The white of my palms
Misty from the squeezing
Nervously anticipating
Your every move
Forming a love knot
Behind my back
The lump in my throat
Growing denser each second
Pressing against the larynx
Unable to produce
Totally powerless to sing
The simplest sounds
Invented by my poor heart
These wooden legs
As if rooted into the earth
Too weak even to budge
Stubbornly refusing to dance
To your sweet symphony
Collectively, they conspire
To betray my fascination of you

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