The garment on the mannequin
Winked at me, knowingly
Understanding the ordeal
I’ve surrendered into
It has just been through the scrutiny
Undergone a minor surgery
A little snip here, a little tuck there
Enduring the tailor’s wrath
Gracefully, in order to be stunning
For the occasion
The clock on the wall chuckled
It too has read my pulse
It knows what’s in store for me
It’s been through the regulation
An adjustment to be thorough
The little hand here, a second there
Finely, in time to ring the bell
At the public square
I feel the spirit of all things in me
I swell into the universe, timeless
I’m the speck in this grand design
And the space
Never the pawn, just the player
The hand that begs to begin
The sapling that keeps reaching
For the stars to kiss its cheek
The flowers on my porcelain vase
Carefully plucked, purposely arranged
Sway to the whisper of my breath
As if in silent agreement
They are breathtaking, life’s design
Their fragrance reveals my truth
They too have readily left their branches
Just like me.

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