Treasure Hunt


You didn’t know what you wanted
So, you chased after everything like a moth
You didn’t know how or if you could fit
Your puzzle pieces permanently, here or there
Or if you could stake claim to them anywhere
They hung on you like a noose
A precious collar around your pretty shank
You didn’t want anyone new
Yet, you craved everyone you knew
Looking for a place to rest
You were terrified of losing the smog
So you held your breath for days under water
Longing to recreate your lost dynasty from
The mismatched parts of garden gnomes
You cried when you found their secret
They were only made of stone
You didn’t know how to paint this vivid dream
Using the remnants of burnt charcoal
So, you stopped coloring altogether
Until I came to you in a restless dream one day
My blue eyes wielding a gap through your axis
In the exact shape of a key hole
Jogging your memory of your own myth
Your riddle is realizing its greatest vision
Presenting me and everybody else
With ever tiring contests
We lined up in batches vying for a spot
Bending and burning for your bated breath
Like a dial turning up to suit your aura
You froze our favorite colors in mid air
Illuminating the dizzying turns of your life
Your eyes make me believe in your legend
Secretly, I catch them melting into mine
I’m convinced they can dissolve galaxies
Like an atlas, they explore the world effortlessly
Mysteriously able to see around bends
Always knowing what comes after
They know… You know what is seeking you
You know where the key is hidden

Plausible Paradox

The sky outside is littered in puffs of green
Mental muscles twitch urgently
Struggling to resolve the irrational facts
Recanting the painstaking edification
Of what is real between the rabid senses
And what is lingering in Earth’s scented green

The grass below is a brilliant shade of blue
Smoldering eyes scurry anxiously
Searching for meaning in the obscene
Calculating the exact measure of life’s wish list
Conjuring up candid impressions
Of the self righteous shade of heaven’s blue

The air inside is a flamboyant spectacle of red
Delicate skin cells burn intensely
Begging for rain to quench this fiery blaze
Raking the brain for an explanation
Of things already illogically infamous
And everything else irrelevant to life’s red

The yellow waves come hurtling towards me
Wide open arms welcome the connection
Bristling from the undying devotion for
The heart, preserving the beautiful legacy
Of what was once exceptionally exclusive
Giving me back to the golden womb

Can You Breathe Me?

just breathe
Find the jack hammer and shatter the concrete cage
Let the atmosphere in… Breathe

Take the silver scalpel and slice into the thick expanse
Release the mischievous sprite… Breathe

Twist the broken latch to open the tiny porthole
Twirl into the zephyr… Breathe

Use your rusted key to unlock the old iron door
Welcome your fairy Godmother… Breathe

Make a daring fist and smash through the glass ceiling
Shower yourself with stars… Breathe

Use your natural brilliance and surrender to the creation
Offer yourself the present… Breathe

The best lesson I’ve ever learned in life… BREATHE. Control your breath, control your life.
It’s one of life’s simplest message yet, the hardest act to master. I was in a yoga class awhile back and was having a hard time doing the headstand. The more I struggled to hold myself up, the more I tumbled until finally I gave up, utterly frustrated. The rest was a disaster and I couldn’t wait to get out of there when the class ended. But, the teacher stopped me on my tracks and asked if I could stay for a minute longer. I saw you during class, she said, you seemed really frustrated. Yes, I nodded, I’m new to yoga. She asked me to lie down on my mat and breathe. She said, count in and out until your intake rhythm matches the outtake. I counted in my head… In, 2, 3, 4, Out, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… My balance was clearly off. I focused a few more breaths until I started to feel the rhythm. After about a minute of solid breathing, try doing a headstand, she instructed, but, don’t stop counting, she quickly added. I closed my eyes, made a V with my arms for my head to rest and slowly counting in my head, (with some help of course), uncurled my lower body into a perfect headstand and held it for almost a minute. It was a turning point for me on so many levels. Had I run out of there like I wanted to, I probably would’ve never found my balance again. Had the teacher not come over to help me, I would’ve never learned to appreciate the art of yoga. But, the best lesson of the day was this… Stop focusing on what is happening around you and start concentrating on what is happening inside you. Take care of the basics- inhale and exhale.
The next time you find yourself in a jam- maybe you have to give a serious presentation at the office, or speak at a charity event. Perhaps, you are having heart palpitations trying to work up the nerve to talk to to that cutie at the gym or maybe, you’ve just had a fight with your best friend… Take a deep breath and remind yourself, control your breath, control your life. Find a quiet corner and repeat this mantra- SO HUM, which literally means YOU ARE I in Sanskrit. Awaken the primal rhythm that is already programmed inside you. Steady your breath and until you locate your organic center. You and I are one. Breathe in. You are me and I am you. Breathe out. Watch your stress melt away and the space around you transform into a beautiful oasis. It’s not magic… it’s all air. Just breathe!


I have lived long enough to know
There is always more than what meets the eye
When you try to convince me of your lies
I hear a sharp chord in the language of music
Painting brilliant portraits from choppy sound waves
Filling entire empty spaces with tiny strokes
Of checkered conviction
I have known enough people to easily notice
There is something shining black in your brown eyes
No matter how much you preach and praise
Of the beautiful lives you never possessed
No matter how many silken spiders you drink
And how colossal a web you weave
In sheer vain
I have read too many fairytales to listen
To your delightful seduction
And blindly believe in its fantasy
To pay any heed to your impressive stories
Or be mindful of your glorious gossip
And think they can explain the feeling
Of awakening butterflies
I have lived too many lives to be staggered by myth
I have seen too many visions to be suspicious of magic
I have caressed the many faces of love, my friend
And kissed its temperate brow, repeatedly
I know just enough about the world to know
What you say may not be what you mean
What you mean may not be how you feel
And how you feel may not represent who you are
But, I have witnessed too many broken hearts to declare
Who you are can only be judged by what you do
When it matters the least
When no one is watching

Five Fingers make a Fist

what is there
What is there?
In between the whites of your eyes
And the dark kohl rimming my papery lids
Dividing the red of these luscious lips
And behind the pearl of your razor teeth
Lurking inside your voice box
Waiting to let out a heartbreaking wail
Is there a trace of a beat?
Can you hear the marching band?
What is there?
When one hand clapping in midair
And the other trying to stifle a muffled roar
Underneath the stubble of your flaking skin
Hiding under sheets of raw platelets
And tanned bare back bones
Devoid of a human spectacle
Earnest in its ongoing lethal deception
Does it sting inside your limbs?
Can you feel the rusty nails in your nerves?
Tell me, did you need a reason to resign?
Or have you discovered the meaning of your lies?
Did you really think you could duly claim the prize
Without ever tracing the colorful contours
Or embracing the black corners of what is actually there?



I’m the alpha and omega
You, my master
And the king of all kings
I’m the father and son,
Your holy motherly ghost
And angel of celestial sin
I’m a shaded specter of
Everything wicked and nice
You are the bastion of glory
And my forever home and history
A beacon of undying love
I’m the ogre of malice
Your kith and only living kin
Your crystal prism in brightness
A torch for total abyss
You’re my radiant rainbow
The best friend I yearned for
And the enemy I permanently feared
I’m the brains of this complex
You, beauty incarnate
Forever mine for safekeeping
I’m the sun and shining north star
You, my demure midnight moon
We’re the perfect little foil
Rousing as we orbit the room


Wow, this is my 100th post! It feels surreal to think I’m actually capable of this every day; that these words have survived in me all this time patiently awaiting their proper turn. Readers, thank you for being so very kind to me. Mom, thank you for being my biggest fan… It is absolutely fitting that this poem is about love because it is the essence of who I am. I don’t believe in soulmates and foreverafters but I believe that love is both the question and answer to life’s infinite mysteries. It inspires me with its endless possibilities. Enjoy!


I don’t know how the heart wires are crisscrossed
Why some people get through and others trip and fall
I don’t know how the eyes translate the art of communication
Why some speak in eloquent prose and others simply blink
I don’t know why some thoughts reverberate like a prayer
While others wrap each and every sound particle within itself
All I know is the fountain that springs from this scorched clay
Is deliciously pure, untouched by any hand I’ve ever felt
It has filled my faults with puddles and lakes and vast green oceans
Tracing my brown to your blue iris, deciphering the cryptogram
From inside my mind and into the crooked corners of your mouth
Ringing the bell of hope in the golden cathedral of divine ecstasy
I’ve never heard the invisible language of your forefathers
But when I heard their chant in the low filigree of your natural bass
My heart fluttered, releasing sparkles amid the molten membrane
I don’t know why but, suddenly I couldn’t wait to sing along
I don’t know who recognized the first signs of curiosity
Or who made the brilliant move in the chess game of our lives
To permanently oust the rook and capture the queen
I don’t know where or even if the lines on our palms intersect
Whether we have been rambling on parallel roads all our lives
Destined to run into each other at this exact oasis, parched
But, here we are patiently edging towards the water
I don’t know why but, I’m certain this is how it’s supposed to be