You barged into my room
My possessions staggered
Throwing this there and that here
Sorting my life’s opus
Piled a mile high
Into buckets
You reprimanded me
As I surveyed, wordlessly
Taking inventory
Of the senseless disarray
Contained within these quarters
And which never quite fit
Into buckets
You held my hand
As I spun uncontrollably
Casting shadows from rainbows
shaded in hues of grey
Into buckets
You ached as I prayed relentlessly
For signs and magnificent eclipses
Forcing moon dust swirling
Into buckets
You kissed my forehead
Paralyzing me from the heart down
Dangerously silent when words
Or gestures would’ve filled our love
Into buckets

Please come, reaching into me
Take what is mine, whatever is here
Paint these walls with the residue
Sediment, foam or water vapor
From your industry
Overflowing with choices
Unyielding to the whims and fancies
Of merchants and little elphs
Furnishing the corners
Meticulously rearranging the pieces
Of me which neatly fit together
Into buckets

Family… the only bucket which dared
to belong, eager to hold this pile

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