Shake, Rattle & Roll.

This poem is dedicated to all those who were bullied in their lives. If you are a victim, speak up and ask for help. Don’t be a coward. Stop the vicious cycle.


Why do you smile?
When the bruises covering
Your chiseled face
Visibly swollen and raw
The blood
Still crusty from the fight
Smeared across your broken chin
Have barely healed
Why do you wave?
When your arms
Crumpled like yesterday’s paper
Restricting your range
From inside the plaster mold
Can barely move
Or even lift a little finger
Why do you prod and poke?
Attempting to disrupt
The ordinary layers
With your extraordinary
An abysmal invasion
Into the mundane
Toothless and almost amusing
In its futile purpose
Don’t you see?
You’re not bullying me anymore
In my presence, your magic
Turns into miracles, your tricks
Become treasures, your spoils
Are willed into profits
And, your lies manifest into
The word of God
When time and time again
Your fire is reduced to ashes
From my spring
Your spirit is turned into stone
With a single blink
And your noise is drowned out
Completely, utterly
By my silence
Why do you care?
Why do you continue to harass me?
I am immune to your dirty con
A solid mass of feather and grit
I am impregnable
Awaiting your every move
I catch myself softly purring
Even in my sleep

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