Listen to your heart and find your own reasons to be whatever you want to be. There is no way to happiness… Happiness is the way!

I’ve heard that the grass
On the other side
Is the color of dazzling Emeralds
And the water runs clear
Humming birds drunk from it
I’ve been told that the sky
On your side
Is magnificent, dyed in Lapis
With fluttering yellow butterflies
As far as the eye can see
White daisies adorning the floor
Cushioning your every little step
I’ve heard stories that life
On your side
Is all peaches and honey
But, it sounded too good to be true
Much too beautiful for all that to be real
As I waited patiently by the dock
To ferry over to your shore
I saw the orange sun peeking lazily
Out from under the purple horizon
A spectacular display of brilliance
The humbling work of a true master
Sending spindles down my limbs
And my bloody red heart racing
Finally discovering the reason
Carrying the chalis of my truth
The purpose of my journey, from here
To participate freely in the peace
Revving up on all cylinders, ready
To explode, prepared to take flight
Over the bayou, to there
To the other side
To you

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