Dancing in the rain

dream-big A few months ago, I was out having a drink with a friend and we got to talking about life and love. The more we talked the more I found myself saying how much I didn’t want this or that. See, I had cataloged all the no’s in my life that I had no room to say yes to anything. I was consumed by what might hurt me that I was unwilling… no, I was simply not ready to see what could be possible.

Well, life is beautiful and always finds a way to make sense again. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Because, I promise you, you will get it. I did. I asked and I’ve received beyond my wildest imagination. The sky is the limit and I’m ready to fly…

Tell me what you want, she said, not what you’ve lost
Tell me what your heart desires, not why it is shattered
Tell me the places you want to see not those that held you
Describe your dreams of tomorrow not the nightmares of last night
Tell me what you can’t live without, not what you are willing to tolerate
Tell me why you wake up every day not what puts you to sleep
Tell me who you are today, not what you had hoped to be
Share your future plans with me not the dusty blueprints of the past
Tell me your secrets and I will make them true
Seduce me with your songs and I will echo them into the universe
Create the vision of your life and I will make it real
I want to embrace love with every fiber
I want to inject beauty into all that I see and touch
I want to bear witness to the truth on far away shores
I want to hold my family dear and never let them fail
I want to write tall tales of hope and short stories bursting with yes
I want to spend my days playing with fire under the scarlet sun
I want to save my nights cultivating life under the dusky new moon
I want to sing and dance to the beat of the universe, blissfully alive
I want a spiritual adventure, a grand safari through the maze of life
Never losing my sense of wonderment and never forgetting the peace
Every waking minute, I want to be the very best version of me

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