Sacred Salute

Endings have to be treated with as much importance as beginnings… Sometimes though, you just have to walk away from a bad situation. Unsettling as it may be, you can’t harbor regrets or second thoughts. They are the root of evil. The human heart is wired totally contrary to this notion and it can’t help but reminisce, pulling illogically towards nostalgia. Whenever I’m reminded of the people I’ve loved… and lost, instead of regret I’m grateful for having had the experience. The good, the bad and the ugly… all of it. In fact, the worst ones teach you the best lessons. I carry the best part of these people with me wherever I go. I have forgiven and almost forgotten all that which used to make me toss and turn at night. I choose to remember only the good memories and float happy thoughts in the general direction of their existence. This Valentine’s day, don’t forget those who have shaped you into the person that you are today. Be grateful for everything… Salute everyone!

“Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the Diamond.” – Kahlil Gibran


The air
Inside what was once
A feathered love nest
Was fetid and dingy
Suffocating the life
It was promised to
Or that’s what I remember
The light
Inside what was once
A humble abode
Was blackened and sinister
Surrendering to darkness
Or that’s what it looked from afar
My friend, the heart breaks
Every time it is reminded
Of the discretions of the flesh
From the culmination of options
And the choices that followed
Which were never meant for safety
They still haunt the poor brain
Refusing to question the combination
Of yes’s and no’s and whatevers
Pondering the possible outcomes
Of which only logic keeps score
The fragrance
Inside what is now
An undisclosed patch of land
Is delicately sweet, almost sugary
Bees happily buzzing within its confines
Flowers of every color abloom
The torch is always burning bright
Inviting the neighbors
Resisting the blackest part of night
Yet, the soul shivers suddenly
My friend, the mind is tender
From the memory of your kindness
Free from the tinge of extreme emotions
Forgiving and foregoing the history
Tonight, it breathes deeply
From one human to another
It offers a final prayer in honor of
Your air
Your light
Your sacred garden

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