I have lived long enough to know
There is always more than what meets the eye
When you try to convince me of your lies
I hear a sharp chord in the language of music
Painting brilliant portraits from choppy sound waves
Filling entire empty spaces with tiny strokes
Of checkered conviction
I have known enough people to easily notice
There is something shining black in your brown eyes
No matter how much you preach and praise
Of the beautiful lives you never possessed
No matter how many silken spiders you drink
And how colossal a web you weave
In sheer vain
I have read too many fairytales to listen
To your delightful seduction
And blindly believe in its fantasy
To pay any heed to your impressive stories
Or be mindful of your glorious gossip
And think they can explain the feeling
Of awakening butterflies
I have lived too many lives to be staggered by myth
I have seen too many visions to be suspicious of magic
I have caressed the many faces of love, my friend
And kissed its temperate brow, repeatedly
I know just enough about the world to know
What you say may not be what you mean
What you mean may not be how you feel
And how you feel may not represent who you are
But, I have witnessed too many broken hearts to declare
Who you are can only be judged by what you do
When it matters the least
When no one is watching

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