Plausible Paradox

The sky outside is littered in puffs of green
Mental muscles twitch urgently
Struggling to resolve the irrational facts
Recanting the painstaking edification
Of what is real between the rabid senses
And what is lingering in Earth’s scented green

The grass below is a brilliant shade of blue
Smoldering eyes scurry anxiously
Searching for meaning in the obscene
Calculating the exact measure of life’s wish list
Conjuring up candid impressions
Of the self righteous shade of heaven’s blue

The air inside is a flamboyant spectacle of red
Delicate skin cells burn intensely
Begging for rain to quench this fiery blaze
Raking the brain for an explanation
Of things already illogically infamous
And everything else irrelevant to life’s red

The yellow waves come hurtling towards me
Wide open arms welcome the connection
Bristling from the undying devotion for
The heart, preserving the beautiful legacy
Of what was once exceptionally exclusive
Giving me back to the golden womb

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