Treasure Hunt


You didn’t know what you wanted
So, you chased after everything like a moth
You didn’t know how or if you could fit
Your puzzle pieces permanently, here or there
Or if you could stake claim to them anywhere
They hung on you like a noose
A precious collar around your pretty shank
You didn’t want anyone new
Yet, you craved everyone you knew
Looking for a place to rest
You were terrified of losing the smog
So you held your breath for days under water
Longing to recreate your lost dynasty from
The mismatched parts of garden gnomes
You cried when you found their secret
They were only made of stone
You didn’t know how to paint this vivid dream
Using the remnants of burnt charcoal
So, you stopped coloring altogether
Until I came to you in a restless dream one day
My blue eyes wielding a gap through your axis
In the exact shape of a key hole
Jogging your memory of your own myth
Your riddle is realizing its greatest vision
Presenting me and everybody else
With ever tiring contests
We lined up in batches vying for a spot
Bending and burning for your bated breath
Like a dial turning up to suit your aura
You froze our favorite colors in mid air
Illuminating the dizzying turns of your life
Your eyes make me believe in your legend
Secretly, I catch them melting into mine
I’m convinced they can dissolve galaxies
Like an atlas, they explore the world effortlessly
Mysteriously able to see around bends
Always knowing what comes after
They know… You know what is seeking you
You know where the key is hidden

3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. csk

    You know what is seeking you
    You know where the key is hidden

    I love it! excellent writing and I look forward to it everyday :)))))

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