I painted my nails today
Thinking about all the little chicks
That must’ve hatched
From their creamy white eggshells
Picturing a thousand sulfur butterflies
Soaring like a painted veil
Blanketing the perfectly golden sky

I gazed out my window
Catching a glimpse of the daffodils
Blooming in my secret garden
Teased by yesterday’s sunshine
Imagining a school bus carrying
The hopes and smiles
Of tomorrow’s dreams

As I covered each nail in spectacular color
Reveling in the majestic arrival of spring
I couldn’t help but think of you
Yellow – your favorite color
It should serve as a cautionary sign
Instead, it reminds me of a promise
That has opened my doors and windows
Letting in the glorious light of so many suns
It makes me feel grateful for the hope
That has ushered in so many springs

So, I painted my nails today
Dreaming of a field covered in sunflowers
As far as the eye can see
Their green necks gently curved upward
Revealing their smiling faces
To the world
Their gentle stalks dancing to the rhythm
Of the universe

God’s Work

The mad men arrive speaking in tongues
Spilling half truths and lazy lies
Without fully understanding the meaning
Of the word of God
Spinning uncontrollably in their convictions
They try weaving their delicious poison
Hoping to saturate the yarn in the colors
Of their whims and fancies
But, all their shrouds are gray
Every time they open their mouth in prayer
Their drivel sends a hush among the non-believers
The pillars that hold the glass dome tremble
Under the weight of their well appointed gaze
The bells chime incongruously
Filling the sanctum with a high-pitched noise
Invoking the cry of a dying animal
Still the rapt crowd hangs on their every breath
Wanting to be saved again and again
They keep pouring water into the oil lamps
Casting menacing shadow puppets
On the temple walls
But, instead of being scared the children clap
clap, clap, clap, clap, clap in glee
Never comprehending the true nature of the ritual
Or fully trusting in the mercy of their Savior
The men chant louder and louder
Hoping to convince everyone of their faith
But, they already know they are unbelievable

Real Home Made

This poem is inspired by my good friends A & D who make cooking and baking so much more enjoyable than I ever imagined… All you need is love and a ravenous appetite!
The meticulously prepared cuisine
Lingers between us
But the kitchen is still filthy
From the mess that was made earlier
Before we can feast the senses
You must stack the cups and saucers
Inside our crazy little machine
And empty the half drunken bottles
Into the porcelain sink
While I scrub these dirty dishes
And gently scrape
The dried food off our new bone china
In this five star kitchen
We’re the secret ingredients
Suckling on each others very last senses
Not too salty
Milking every imaginable praise for the chef
Never too syrupy
We must work together, you and I
Like a shiny fork and sharpened steak knife
Slicing and dicing our way through
The center cut


Am I an artist?
No, but I’m a diligent warrior
Framing constantly
The spaces around my lens
Into imaginary squares
Tightly compacting the pose
Pixilated and filtered
Into a myriad of possibilities
Am I an artist?
No, I’m shooting dust bunnies
And turning them into dragons
Flipping sunbeams on their side
Saturating shadows until
I find an image inside the grain
I’m diffusing the natural particles
Fine tuning their properties
And remaking it to suit my passion
In the right light
Everything has a point of view
Am I an artist?
No, not in any way you’ve been told
But, I’ve an eye for your kind
I can pick up beyond your skin
And dive into your soft center focus
I can already see
That you’re slowly falling
Into my grunge
All you have to do
Is smile and say cheese


Intuition irks me like a caterpillar
Slow and deliberately it confirms
My darkest convictions
About your existence in my world
When you stood facing me today
All I saw were the beautiful forgeries
Embedded in those laugh lines
Still, you made me smile
You’re a flamboyant work of art
Created in the image of your people
Stretched tightly over a wooden frame
I could hang you on my wall
And stare at you for hours
If only you were mine

Anticipation thrills me like a butterfly
Rapid and trembling it validates
My deepest desires
About the promise of things yet to be
When I gaze into those big blues
I’m mesmerized like a little child
Listening for the very first time
To the magic inside a musical box
A pristine feeling of wonderment
Unbelonging to anyone else
It makes me beam proudly
Signaling the location of my treasure
A lush discovery of character and lure
That will one day preserve me
I don’t have to own it yet
This feeling will own us both soon


If I close my eyes and listen closely
I can hear a faint voice saying
Yes, this is real
But, when my lids part, the clamor in the room
Sends me recoiling into my shell
If I steady my breath
And quiet my inner voice
Trying to narrate the obvious truth about us
I can almost feel the beating pulse
Intermittently in the rhythm of
Yes, Yes, Yes
But, it’s never quiet long enough
For the vibration to permeate the mind
It feels erratically imagined
I’m trying to strain my left ear
Struggling to make sense of the words
Summoning the echo of an intimate transfer
Rearranging the letters and phrases
Eys tihs si aerl
Matching them with the intended intent
Sye itsh si lear
But, the meaning eludes me
Sey tish is earl
Consonants and vowels can only reveal so much
About all that is left unspoken
They float like candles on a serene pool
Illuminating everything one hopes to hear
And nothing that should be trusted
Words… they are absolutely meaningless
Unless they come holding hands
With action
Wanting to consummate their elite union
With love and promise
Only then can we say YES!


Life is surging ferociously
Sweeping towards an unknown shore
Somehow I’m clinging to the current
The surge is strong and keeps knocking me under
Only to rise me up again
The riotous lapping of waves against cheeks
Sometimes feels like soft kisses
Other times it’s a hard slap
But, it forces me to keep vigilance
My eyes are always open
And, as I look around, I realize my good fortune
That all this constant rocking has resulted in creating
In my soul, the opposite intended effect
Of rhythm and beat skipping
My spirit is wonderfully alive
Open to the infinite sky
No longer disoriented from the motion, I’m afloat
Utterly weightless
Swaying gracefully under the shimmering waves
I no longer need your saving, my darling
So, don’t throw me a life raft
But, if you dare
Take the plunge and swim towards me
Let’s get lost in this immense blue and drift carelessly
Towards an exotic shore
Where life can surge peacefully again