Game Changer


When I was a child
You never taught me
The difference between
Wanting and needing
You gave me everything
I could ever want
Before I needed it

When I was a girl
You never taught me
The difference between
Liking and loving
You showed love equally
To everyone
Even if you didn’t like them

I am a woman now
I have lived and learned a little
I find my needs are mostly basic
Primal and minimal in nature
But, my wants are elaborate
Scattered like bird food
They yearn to feed a million souls
Growing in stature each day
My dreams conspire to cajole
The spirit of the world
I know my likes are erratic
They come in spurts and waves
But, my love?
It is seemingly inexhaustible
It tries to consume me every hour
Cracking my soul open
Into tiny little mosaic pieces
Arranging them ornately
For the world to see

When I think about the lessons
You never taught me
I smile with confidence
I marvel with ancestral pride
At your sophistication
For making me understand
There is a clear distinction between
Living and wanting to be alive
That, likes and needs are life’s playground
But, dreams are the soul’s temple
And, love is the supreme deity

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