Whale Song

It is hope that keeps us alive… Hoping to be seen, heard and found by the right things in life so that we may become lost in them again.
Making up my mind was simple
All it took was a little bit of conviction
Surrendering my will to my conscience
But, darling, waiting is brutal
It battles me viciously some days
Holding nothing back
Choking me with isolation and envy
Trying to drain my allure
But then, like a summer breeze on a muggy day
The coolness of your presence surrounds me
Chilling me with your charming force
Returning me back to the center of the beam
Steadying my muscles and their acrobatics
Rendering me lithe again
Making a choice was easy
All it took was a little bit of commonsense
And some faith in my element
But, darling, the hunger is growing fierce
I’ve spent my mornings ploughing
The nights whispering my thirst to the rain
Handling my affairs with the devil
And settling my debts with my Keeper
All the while searching for the silver handle
To the door in the cardboard box
Where you live and I long to be
But, just as I start to lose hope
I hear your exquisite voice ringing in my ear
Like the song of a humpback whale
Reassuring me of our obvious network
Letting me breathe a sigh of relief
Making me shuffle again

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