Wet Cement

love color
Why do I do this everyday?
Why do I do anything for that matter?
I’m a collection of muted undertones
In varying shades of brown
The delicate skin under my eye is pale
Yet, brightly elastic to life’s wonder
My cheeks flush lightly in mauve
Every time I smile
Every time I think of your smile!
I fill my shadowy contours with a pen
Giving wings to the wrinkles
Which have settled permanently on my face
I’m a genuine collector of beauty
Seeking all those expressions that levitate
Like the chestnut sun
Lifting the warmest skin on my forehead
Towards the heavens
I bow like a humble servant
To the proper word, my arrow
Feeling its boney wrath and sorrow
Inside each and every cylinder
Catching them with my great big net
Before I blink them away
Why do I do this?
I’m a modern day relic
Hello, have we met?
My heart, a ravishing wine
Saturated in all things radiant
And bloody orange
A color which only makes sense
To me
Watch out, it’s readying to pounce on you
The minute I let it loose

3 thoughts on “Wet Cement

  1. VSK

    If that ‘you’ is the Divine, then it makes sense! If it is about ‘someone’ then it is altogether a different story! Vision is on the perception! Great one!

  2. VSK

    I got this just after posting the above and this explains way better than what I said!

    “The supreme secret is that man must live in the world where he is born like the lotus leaf, which though born in water floats upon it without being affected or wetted by it. Of course, it is good to love and adore God with a view to gain some valuable fruit either here or hereafter. But since there is no fruit or object more valuable than God or more worthwhile than God, the Vedas advise us to love God, with no touch of desire in our minds. Love, since you must love for love’s sake; Love God, since whatever He can give is less than He Himself. Love Him alone, with no other wish or demand”
    – Sai Baba (Sathya Sai Vahini)

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