eyeuniverseI keep finding ways to unzip each layer
Showing the ticking parts of all which
Painstakingly connects me and you
As I surrender to my knees
Pretending to stand before you naked
Calling out your name in vain
I realize with a heavy sigh
That I am a deliberate consequence
Of your casual experimentation
Which was never intended for completion

Out in the wilderness I am totally free, alone
To enjoy the comforts of beauty and silence
I’m digging a little deeper, reproducing
Searching for your majesty everywhere
Exhausted after each day’s antics
Some times, I catch your handsome silhouette
Coming towards me in a jiffy, here you are
I can see your lips moving with purpose
But, I can no longer hear your voice
Still, I keep inventing new ways
To say, thank you
For leading me to this marvelous discovery

Your mute is my favorite sound
Your love is the epitome of beauty

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