Powder, ash or diamond dust
It’s all in the color of your lens
And, the hour upon which you’re called to the mound
To vie for your convictions and imaginings
Or bargain with the greatest powers of reckoning
So, reach inside your body and produce yourself
Make an appearance at your own renaissance
Swing around the bend and gather momentum
Before you negotiate the valley of your fate
Reach as low or wide as your arms will allow
Or as high or straight as you can get on your tippy toes
The universe is beckoning your siren
It’s waiting with ribbons to gift wrap your talents
Go ahead, make your first sound even if it’s just a sigh
Bend nimbly to let the wind under your wings
And, glide effortlessly over the blue seas of creation
Come out from your hiding room and reach tenaciously
At everything that tries to elude your grasp
Don’t tire until you’ve unraveled every last fiber
Thread it through the needle of your brilliance
And expertly interweave the fabric onto your skin
This is life’s exclusive experience, punch your ticket
Display the intricate pattern boldly on your sleeves
Each morning is a brand new unveiling, wake up!

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