Glass Tongue

drops (

These words
Which you might share with me some day
Will strike me as oddly honest
When they finally arrive
Wrapped in your beautiful lies
But, they will never make me question
Your deepest motives for using them
Because I’ll be able to peer into the
Between spaces of each letter, and discern
Without hesitation their sadness, and accept
That the sheets of paper which tried
To contain the real words may still remain
Crumpled on your bathroom floor
Unable to trap all that’s floating
In your heart…

These words
That you may finally express one day
Can never replace the ruthless chards
Of everyday syllables we gladly traded
Or the heartfelt praise
You once bestowed upon me willingly
It cannot undo the drama
Of your mediocre performance
They will pale in comparison to the actual words
You easily used to bargain through
The fog of our hopeless love
Like hot coal, your words
Still burn inside me, smoldering
With every new breath I take
Reminding me that words have staying power
Unlike us…
Like cockroaches they can survive
even after everything crumbles

2 thoughts on “Glass Tongue

  1. Jessica Whitney Holden

    Your words here and throughout your blog are truly beautiful, however this image is mine; I am wondering if you could please either provide proper credit for the image with a link to my blog (, or please remove the image (or, if you’ve purchased it through my agency, please provide me with an an invoice number so I can be paid, for as to my knowledge this image has not been sold)? Just as I’m sure you’d not like someone to repost your words without providing credit back to you, most photographers don’t like their work to be taken and used without permission or credit. Thanks so much! (I’d have emailed you privately if I could find a link somewhere on your blog, but even under “Citizen” I couldn’t find one…)

    1. BrownGal

      I will gladly give where credit is due! Most of my pics come from Pinterest or Yahoo searches and the intention here is purely to create a sensory experience through words and pictures.
      Thank you for your kind words and I hope you will come back for more!

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