I’ve all these words, I said, I want to tell stories. I want to be a writer.
So write then, he said, just start.
That was almost a year ago.
I thought long and hard about the things I could write about and the only authetic feeling that kept belonging to me was love. I thought I would write short stories, instead I’m writing these interesting poems. What a lovely lesson in brevity. Love is sensational but, it can also arrest your sensibilities if you’re not careful. So, tread carefully my fellow dreamers. Listen to your heart and don’t play with fire…


I traced your long winding strokes with my manicured nails
Imitating the motion of each manufactured reaction
Retraining my brain to communicate the muted sounds
Without ever moving my mouth
Thinking neither this nor that, I surrendered completely
To the helium, until you came stammering into my air
Trapping your last breath inside my lungs, holding
My carbon gaze in the tip of your lashes
For a moment it was electric, hair raising chemistry
The next, poof, it’s all just white smoke

I’ve tried to track my lost trajectory with a compass
But, all I see are new obstacles in the west
Wrapping their dead bodies in loose cables, rewiring the north
From across the room, insanely complicated
I can’t tell if you are affected, but I’m still throbbing
From the super current, still savoring your oxygens
Left for breathing in my lungs

Knowing this and that a little bit better, I realize
I’m still dizzy, yet, gloriously awakened from the jolt
I’m still electric, so
Don’t bother coming near unless you want to be recharged
Don’t touch the surface unless you’re made of oak
Or if you’re fully prepared for a surge

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