I keep feeling for something dewy
Saturating without soaking
The juice which covers the lush leaves
During the early morning hours
Before the sun kisses its cheek
I want to touch the cooling mist
Which bubbles up on silken petals
Classic and elegantly adorned
Like an exquisite pearl necklace
After the raincloud bursts upon its face
I want all my days to resemble Sunday
Comfortably content in its cocoon
Relaxed and understated in its leisure
And, evenings transformed into crisp autumn
Calm without consuming the atmosphere
Uncoiling the sultry air between us
I’m searching for something magnificent
Do you see my color in your spectrum?
I’m reaching towards a higher response
The slow, steady warming of hearts and bones
From the slightest squeeze to the kindest word
A sentiment that is incredibly intimate
Yet unbelievably common
I want to catch my dream like a butterfly
Flapping its wings
To the timeless score of your heartbeat
Can I intrigue you with my quiver?

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