Bad Romance

There are no prayers for cowardice yet, they worship
The legend which never unravels the truth about itself
Even when confronted by its deeply crooked nose
When they are faced away from each other
The subtle camber of her misshapen bobble
The complex laugh lines on his weathered face
All hopelessly try to recant the version
Of how their eyes used to meet and mingle
But, somehow they never quite make the connection
When the id finally comprehends the fraud
There is tremendous relief
And, there is profound sadness too
Carping about the distorted cracks, they break up
The makeshift barriers of their bad romance
And try to reset them like bones, surgically
They stand up on their crutches willing themselves to be saved
Without ever uttering a single kind word to each other
There are no losers in this story because they were blinded
By what they thought was love
Maybe they still believe in it
Or maybe they’re just too scared to find out
They don’t believe in anything

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