Spring Theory

This fickle weather reminds me
Of life’s impermanence
Father winter can battle all he wants
But, the spring princess has him bested
Erasing his recent transgressions
With the slightest puff of her breast
She has him up and running on his heels
Blowing his white beard out of sight
And out of her front veranda
Ah, spring in her all her glorious costumes
Scenting the air with her intoxicating aroma
Of freshly cut greens and apple blossoms
She’s a temptress alright, but let her beware
The sultry summer queen is laying await
Conjuring up new campaigns
To melt her soul like candle wax
Burning to strip her bare to the boney thigh
And drown her in the sandy shores
Of her nude beach
Seasons come and go like waves
Some harsher than others
But, this too shall pass, it always does
Days become eves and then blackest of nights
Only for the sun to rise again in the east

2 thoughts on “Spring Theory

  1. CSK

    “Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.”
    ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations- Hope you remember this.

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