Life is surging ferociously
Sweeping towards an unknown shore
Somehow I’m clinging to the current
The surge is strong and keeps knocking me under
Only to rise me up again
The riotous lapping of waves against cheeks
Sometimes feels like soft kisses
Other times it’s a hard slap
But, it forces me to keep vigilance
My eyes are always open
And, as I look around, I realize my good fortune
That all this constant rocking has resulted in creating
In my soul, the opposite intended effect
Of rhythm and beat skipping
My spirit is wonderfully alive
Open to the infinite sky
No longer disoriented from the motion, I’m afloat
Utterly weightless
Swaying gracefully under the shimmering waves
I no longer need your saving, my darling
So, don’t throw me a life raft
But, if you dare
Take the plunge and swim towards me
Let’s get lost in this immense blue and drift carelessly
Towards an exotic shore
Where life can surge peacefully again

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