If I close my eyes and listen closely
I can hear a faint voice saying
Yes, this is real
But, when my lids part, the clamor in the room
Sends me recoiling into my shell
If I steady my breath
And quiet my inner voice
Trying to narrate the obvious truth about us
I can almost feel the beating pulse
Intermittently in the rhythm of
Yes, Yes, Yes
But, it’s never quiet long enough
For the vibration to permeate the mind
It feels erratically imagined
I’m trying to strain my left ear
Struggling to make sense of the words
Summoning the echo of an intimate transfer
Rearranging the letters and phrases
Eys tihs si aerl
Matching them with the intended intent
Sye itsh si lear
But, the meaning eludes me
Sey tish is earl
Consonants and vowels can only reveal so much
About all that is left unspoken
They float like candles on a serene pool
Illuminating everything one hopes to hear
And nothing that should be trusted
Words… they are absolutely meaningless
Unless they come holding hands
With action
Wanting to consummate their elite union
With love and promise
Only then can we say YES!

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