Intuition irks me like a caterpillar
Slow and deliberately it confirms
My darkest convictions
About your existence in my world
When you stood facing me today
All I saw were the beautiful forgeries
Embedded in those laugh lines
Still, you made me smile
You’re a flamboyant work of art
Created in the image of your people
Stretched tightly over a wooden frame
I could hang you on my wall
And stare at you for hours
If only you were mine

Anticipation thrills me like a butterfly
Rapid and trembling it validates
My deepest desires
About the promise of things yet to be
When I gaze into those big blues
I’m mesmerized like a little child
Listening for the very first time
To the magic inside a musical box
A pristine feeling of wonderment
Unbelonging to anyone else
It makes me beam proudly
Signaling the location of my treasure
A lush discovery of character and lure
That will one day preserve me
I don’t have to own it yet
This feeling will own us both soon

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