Real Home Made

This poem is inspired by my good friends A & D who make cooking and baking so much more enjoyable than I ever imagined… All you need is love and a ravenous appetite!
The meticulously prepared cuisine
Lingers between us
But the kitchen is still filthy
From the mess that was made earlier
Before we can feast the senses
You must stack the cups and saucers
Inside our crazy little machine
And empty the half drunken bottles
Into the porcelain sink
While I scrub these dirty dishes
And gently scrape
The dried food off our new bone china
In this five star kitchen
We’re the secret ingredients
Suckling on each others very last senses
Not too salty
Milking every imaginable praise for the chef
Never too syrupy
We must work together, you and I
Like a shiny fork and sharpened steak knife
Slicing and dicing our way through
The center cut

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