I painted my nails today
Thinking about all the little chicks
That must’ve hatched
From their creamy white eggshells
Picturing a thousand sulfur butterflies
Soaring like a painted veil
Blanketing the perfectly golden sky

I gazed out my window
Catching a glimpse of the daffodils
Blooming in my secret garden
Teased by yesterday’s sunshine
Imagining a school bus carrying
The hopes and smiles
Of tomorrow’s dreams

As I covered each nail in spectacular color
Reveling in the majestic arrival of spring
I couldn’t help but think of you
Yellow – your favorite color
It should serve as a cautionary sign
Instead, it reminds me of a promise
That has opened my doors and windows
Letting in the glorious light of so many suns
It makes me feel grateful for the hope
That has ushered in so many springs

So, I painted my nails today
Dreaming of a field covered in sunflowers
As far as the eye can see
Their green necks gently curved upward
Revealing their smiling faces
To the world
Their gentle stalks dancing to the rhythm
Of the universe

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