Dark Side Of The Lune

I hear footsteps under the door
In the quiet dark I lie awake
Waiting in anticipation
For you, my love
Night after night
Listening to the click clacking
On the wooden floor
Like nails scraping on ice
Disturbing the fractals forming
On my hemisphere
Tossing and turning my coil
Inbetween the sheets
Refusing to feel the bitter winter
Spreading over my bed
I knot my hair into a loop
Like a lasso
And, hurl it towards the shadows
Under the door
For you, my love
I can still feel everything
Your blustery breath
On my cold cheek
Inching down, dangerously low
Trying to wrap itself around my neck
Like a wiry choker
Sliding to find an anchor
Inside my frigid left breast
Daring to choke the very last breath
I’ve been keeping warm
For you, my love
I can close my eyes
And stretch my heart wide
With both hands
Digging nails into raw flesh
But, I know I’ll never find your kind
But, I will always hear footsteps
Under my door
And, I will always have the moon
Roaming the blue black sky

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