In Dependence

The things you told me back then
Makes sense now
After all these years
Your words soothe with a tender vibration
Only felt by my heart
The reticent memory of an exchange
Comes screaming back to me
After all these years
Restoring the simple sense
Oozing from your profound words
I wonder if I should’ve listened
And believed in its importance
Or followed its implicit worth
But, would I have then spent
My days like cold hard change
Buying admissions to carnival rides
And home coming parades?
Watching magnificent purple sunsets
Over white sandy shores
And red moons rising over blue horizons
Will I still be oohing and aahing
Over the humdrum?
Passionately curious of everyone
Everything around me
I’ve lived and lost over each night’s respite
Not an hour completely wasted or a minute
Will I ever trade for anything better
The nights never too black
Drenched in the shine of a thousand suns
Shooting fireworks from each memory
You can see the flare every time I smile
Yet, your words resonate inside the drum
Like a copper penny
After all these years
Tuning me into life’s consequence
In those great things being stored up
Little did I know they would calm my fears
And boost my poise
Because I finally believe
My father knows what’s best for me!

3 thoughts on “In Dependence

  1. csk

    It is a wise tune that knows its own father, and I like your music to be the legitimate offspring of respectable parents.

    1. BrownGal

      The whole idea of a family as an unit seems like a fraud to me. The legitimacy of belonging comes from one’s own value system and personal investment. I’m my father’s daughter in so many ways because I’m actively choosing to live in his myth.

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