Nature is awe-inspiring and we must keep our eyes and heart open to its grandeur!

Antelope Canyon
The mind is an android
Tap dancing at the cellular level
Ravaging the nameless one by one
How can I want more?
When I catch my heart doing
Somersaults in the middle of the day
Bending to the bedlam at the helm
Is this happiness or foolishness?
To feel deeply sated even when
The hunger grows by the minute
Watching the bubble slowly evaporate
Into my thirst
I’m holding on to a wet string
Yet, my hands are dry
I have nothing in the way of riches
Except for my mother’s dark eyes
And my daddy’s sensitive soul
Come a little closer and peek
Into the inner most corner of my valley
And see me in this natural light
Take whatever it is that you seek
I’ve been given more than I ever wanted
And still less than what I deserve
Yet, my heart is a purple canyon
Sprawling as far as you can imagine
And, your breath is the eastern wind
Carving my sandstone and sculpting
My chasm into a corkscrew
How can I possibly want anything more?

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