Who are you?

Every day I write in earnest
Revealing my yen on a backlit crystal
Knitting words together into a thick
Fuzzy blanket, keeping my toes warm
As my fingers continue to breathe
Every night I will you into my fantasy
And have my way, forgetting to sleep
Planning amazing adventures to distant galaxies
In my flannel pajamas
I hate to tell you, but every weekend
I speculate about your hidden position
Wishing I could somehow point my north
Like a compass, in your direction
Where are you?
What is your name?
One day when we finally meet
I won’t have to wonder if you’ll like me
I won’t have to worry what you’ll think of me
Because, it’s all here, my love
I’m peeling my layers on your screen
One by one, exposing my decadent underbelly
Caramelizing the fatty parts in natural sweetness
Tenderizing with salty sweat until every last bit
Is ready to fall off the bone
Every day I write in earnest…
Every night, I fall hopelessly in love again

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