I know, you can’t know what it means to be empty
Until you’ve scratched open a scar repeatedly
Just to feel something real
You can’t know about pain until you accept
That sticks and stones can hurt and so will words
They will cut even deeper, revealing
The shocking pink inside the inner muscles
Throbbing closer to your bone
You can’t comprehend the depths of loneliness
Until you call for me night after night
Knowing that I was only a brilliantly imagined spec
Designed to distract your sensibilities
You can’t keep lamenting the harrowing details
Of your tragedy, waving your hands up in the air
Like a drowning man
Or trying to wiggle your toes and fingers, like a baby
You can’t unthaw yourself by rolling your head
From side to side, straining to remember
The full range of motion you once possessed
Because, human, you can’t go back to your old life
To return anything you’ve taken for granted
Or fix anything you’ve broken
You can’t survive the sandstorm by burrowing
Your head in the sand repeating the Lord’s name
You are the child of the desert now and she has no mercy
Your entire human experience can shut down instantly
If you find yourself confronting her fury
If you choose not to believe in her awesome wilderness
So wake up and save yourself now!
You can only redeem yourself through your grace…
You can only stay alive from your love…

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