I do.

I do
Do you remember when you carried me on your back?
When I was nothing more than a sack of salt
Dissolving into the vast blue ocean
You brought me safely to the shore when it was still dark
Leaving quietly before the dawn broke into a brilliant smile
I do.

Do you remember when you caught up with me?
Under a giant black rock in the green grass valley
When I was running barefoot in the rain
You gently shepherded me to higher ground with just a wink
And a glamorous smile
I do.

You’ve always been there for me, my friend
Bringing me the purest joy, never forgetting to sprinkle
Rainbow colored confetti over life’s lingering gray
Where would I be without your constant cajole?
What would’ve become of this wretched life had you not insisted
On saving me from my own disillusionment?
Love, my dearest friend, how can I ever thank you for loving me
And making me believe in your miracle?

Do you remember what you whispered in my ear?
Just before I was ready to let go of the rails
You packed my bags, practically ushering me out the door
Even then you knew what was best for me
You took my hand in yours firmly and said, I’ve got you!
I do.

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