The muscles in my back pull sharply, like an arrow
Creating a series of spasm like ripples beneath my lungs
I try reversing my back, like a bow, straightening my fibers
But the intensity does not let go
It somehow finds a way to escape down my thighs
And hide beneath the balls of my feet making me wobble a bit
This thing… it is suddenly alive and extremely nimble
As I struggle to find my balance, perched on my tippy toes
I feel it finally settle around the deep chasm of my pitted stomach
Like an underwater vent spewing bubbles into the ocean
It forcefully fills my divots with thoughts of you
Until they… I am totally submerged in the noxious air
My heart skips erratically trying to tip toe around
The memory of your question – do you miss me?
In spite of myself the arms flay as wide as they possibly can
In the final posture of ultimate defiance
Taunting the universe to enter through the precise hole
In my heart where the blunt pain you caused has left an intimate scar
No, but, it is too late to force me to stop thinking about you
And, the muscles in my back pull sharply, like an arrow…

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