Half Truth

…I don’t hate you at all
Hate is a strong word even for you
But, there is so much I cannot forget
And still unable to forgive
That I feel shackled to these thorny feelings
A strange mix of sulfur and rain
Trying to hide the odor inside the sweet fragrance
Of our unquestionable love
But the damned memory of its inadequacy
Roots itself in the muck of my heart
Rendering me utterly useless
There are days when I don’t think of you at all
It is as if you never invaded my heart
Like a masked bandit riding on a dark horse
Ruthlessly looting my priceless contents
It is as if we never said those sacred words
That would ultimately trap us in a broken loop
Of fickle allegiance and false promises
I can no longer remember your rigid angles
Or recollect the muted colors of your expressions
But, a strange sensation spreads across my chest
When I realize, there are days when…

My Side

military dog
Everyone’s fighting a war
And, I’m fighting on your side
You don’t have to show me your war wounds
I know how much it hurts
Because I’ve felt your pain through my scars
You don’t have to convince me of your unhappiness
I’ve heard your prayers in my sleep
And tasted the salt in your tears like the ocean air
I’ve tried speaking to you in many languages
But, you’ve never showed your face to me
Why do your footsteps scatter like offerings meant for the goddess
Every time you hear your name?
Why do you refuse to drink my potion even when you’re dying of thirst?
You don’t have to prove yourself to me
I’ve already traced your faults in the lines navigating my palm
And I’ve charted the course of your once brilliant star
You don’t have to believe me
But, I’ve felt your grip on my fingers for a long time
Cutting off the blood circulating in my veins
Still, I haven’t let go of your hand
Because darling, everyone’s fighting a war
And, I’m fighting on your side

Or nothing at all…

Give me something beautiful or nothing at all
Show me a roadmap to the hidden chambers
Of your heart
Where the kites fly high above rooftops red
And amber oceans wrestle with the ashen earth
Feast my mind with your addicting visions
Crushed from the grapes of your ancestor’s rage
And your mother’s lavender love
Surround me with your majesty or nothing at all
Inspire me with the passionate ramblings
Of your soul
And, sting me with your poison, repeatedly
Until I feel its conviction
I have little time to please the mid summer’s moon
Chasing fireflies in your secret garden
And, running barefoot in the pouring rain
So, show me something real or nothing at all
Let me see the stars shining in your eyes
Let me hear the melody buzzing from your lips
Insisting like the ocean
Unbroken like the sky


She belongs to you
In piles of innocence and overwhelming gratitude
For the life you secretly sketched in silence
Whatever catches your eye in that moment
Before the grey shadows creep
Inside the rigid contours of your gentle face
Wrinkling your nose into a silly smile
Is her timeless gift to you
For finally seeing her eye to eye
She reassembles your particles with skin from her own creation
Sculpting a serene pose out of your monotonous adaptation
She belongs to you
And she belongs to every single living thing out there
In heaps of optimism and unrestricted faith
Whenever you start to wonder, “Is this all there is?”
She scoops you up in her arms like a mother
Nuzzling her nose in the crook of your neck
Invoking a deep belly roar to remind you
With swells of modesty and all things extraordinary
That she has so much more in waiting
She belongs to you and only you
And no one can keep her away from you


There are no words, my love
Not because I am void of thought
Or mind bending insights
But, I have been repeatedly splashed
By your vibrant trickery
And I’m standing here years later
Still coated in thick layers
From head to toe
When the body is weary the mind
Goes into hibernation
Recharging the positive particles
Carelessly left to drain
I have been racking my brain wondering
How can I trust you again?
But, thankfully the roof of my mouth
Is still stinging from the hot cheese
That you burned for me
And my tongue is busy caressing the scar
Unwilling to make amends
Let’s leave things as they are
Like these loose pearls in my ivory box
Let them hibernate instead
Because I can’t sleep anymore, my love
I need to collect these words seeping
In all the colors of my vibrant layers
That you had a hand in creating
And one day soon, I will spin
A golden thread from its residue
Strong enough to string these beads
Into a stunning jewel
Worthy of our ancestral bond

Sea Glass

We were handpicked deliberately
You and I
Like sea glass in a jar
From surf-beaten shores all across
The eastern seaboard
We’ve tumbled together in the same tide
You and I
Up and down
Unbeknownst to each other
Our bodies clinking happily in the dark
Come, let’s hold hands
And appreciate the brilliant coloring
Reflected against the golden sunlight
Let’s admire the permanent effects
From mother nature’s ravishing
Upon choosing to ride her endless waves
Up and down
Up and down
Up and down
Remaking us into who we are
Transformed into beautiful pieces of art
You and I

Mama said…

You’re never gonna get any of those things
You never ask for, so toughen up cookie
Make your demands strong like your coffee
Ask nicely for the things that matter
Before you lose them in the crumble
Speak up, sugar, in your sweetest big girl voice
Remember, you’re never gonna get lost
If you just stop and ask for direction
No matter how far you’ve gone
You’re never gonna go wrong if you just try
To understand that people mean no harm
Everyone’s just trying to make things right
So pick your battles, darling, and lay claim
Only on those who make you feel human
Be brave, cupcake, ain’t this life grand?
Nothing’s as bad as you think it is, I swear
So, roll up your sleeves, honey, and let’s make a wishlist
Because you’re never gonna get any of those things
You never ever ask for
And, you’re never gonna get any of those things
That you’re not willing to work for