One Fine Day

One day, you will find yourself screaming
From the sheer thrill of riding down a slope, upright
You will know how it feels to be burning up
Under mountains of white shaved ice
And layers of powdered sweat

One day, you will know what a home is- a small paper boat
Completely drenched, almost ready to capsize
Yet, floating freely on a muddy pool, intact
You won’t care a bit about its shabby quarters
Because it has kept you safe and warm during the storm

And you will catch yourself grinning from ear to ear
Standing smackdab in the middle of the circle
Finally understanding the gist of everything
Proudly subscribing to life’s courageous formula
Even when it raises the hair in the small of your back
Because you will finally recognize who you are

One day, you will enthrall a perfect stranger
With the most intricate dialect of love
And everything universal and unique
Embedded in humanity will respond genuinely
To your sublime gestures
And welcome your truth

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