My heart is a child

My heart wants to run away
Where the green grass is bright and full of life
It wants to rest its head on a colorful picnic blanket
Neatly spread under a cloudless sky
And let lazy thoughts dance wildly in the sun

My heart wants to swim to the other side
Where the water is lucid like an afternoon dream
Under the scented air of lavender and new rain
Like a wild horse running through the field
Or a bald eagle soaring high above the valley
It craves everything that flows unnaturally free

My heart wants to expand wider and deeper
Patient and still like a canyon, restless for days
It yearns to occupy immense landscapes
Stretching all the way from where you are
To where I exist
But, we both know, my heart is only a child
Learning to walk for the first time again
Like a blank slate preserving nothing from the past
It keeps reaching clumsily for the next and the next
Wanting to do more…
Wanting more…
Crawling steadily on all four limbs
Wanting to make its way to you

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